Bob Dylan - Young but Daily Growing: chords

 G                      D           G            C  G C/G G
Daughter, dearest daughter, I have done you no wrong
                    Em            G             D
I've wed you to non other than a wealthy man's son
     G            C      G         Em           C  G C/G G
And he will be a man to you when I am dead and gone
      G              D      G   C/G G
He's young but he's daily growin'

Ah, one day as I was walking all alone down by the schoolwall
I saw the boys, they were playing at the ball
And my own true love was the fairest of them all
He was young, but he was daily growin'.

At the age of sixteen years he was a married man
at the age of seventeen he was the father of a son
At the age of eighteen years, 'round his grave the grass grew long
Cruel death had put an end to his growin'

Oh, the springtime is leavin' now, and summer's comin' on
With ornaments and fans the ladies all pass on
Oh yes, once I had a true love, but now I have none.
But I'll watch his bonnie son, while he's growin.



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