Bob Dylan - Positively Van Gogh: chords

         C                        F
When I'd ask why the painting was deadly
Nobody could pick up my sign
               F                     C
'Cept for the cook, she was always friendly
          F                          C
But she'd only ask, "What's on your mind?"

       F                               C
She'd say that especially when it was raining
     C   G7  F         C
I'd say "Oh, I don't know"
                 F                              C
But then she'd press and I'd say, "You see that painting?
         F                          C
Do you think it's been done by Van Gogh?"

     C             G7       F  C
The cook she said call her Maria
      F                                      C
She'd always point for the same boy to come forth
              F                           C
Saying, "He trades cattle, it's his own idea
       F                        C
And he also makes trips to the North

         Am                  Em
Have you ever seen his naked calf bleed?"
     C                        Am
I'd say, "Oh no, why does it show?"
             C           Csus4            C
Then she'd whisper in my ear that he's a half-breed
         F                      G7             C
And I'd say, "Fine, but can he paint like Van Gogh?"

           C          F             G7
I can't remember his name he never gave it
      F              G7           C
But I always figured he could go home
               F           G7              C
Til when he'd gave me his card and said, "Save it"
         Am         F            C
I could see by his eyes he was alone

            Am                     Em
But it was sad how his four leaf clover
  C                         Am
Drawn on his calling card showed
                   C            Csus4      C
That it was given back to him a-many times over
             Am                             C
And it most definitely was not done by Van Gogh.

                C         F             C
It was either she or the maid just to please me
          F                         C
Though I sensed she could not understand
                 F                             C
And she made a thing out of it by saying, "Go easy
         Am                                        C
He's a straight, but he's a very crooked straight man."

         F                                   C
And I'd say, "Does the girl in the calendar doubt it?
Am                               Em
And by the way is it Marilyn Monroe?"
                   C         Csus4                C
But she'd just get salty and say, "Why you wanna know about it?"
        Am                                                  C
And I'd say, "I was just wondering if she ever sat for Van Gogh



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