Avicii - Somewhere In Stockholm: chords

Em                                G
That's me right there on the corner,
listening to Wu in my Walkman
C                                         D
Neon lights at the water, reflecting the city
of I'm lost in
Em                                 G
That's me right there on the corner,
I one day would be leaving
C                                             D
For a dream that I didn't have, that I'd one day
would believe in
Em                                          G
Strange how the same place I ran from's the same
place I think of whenever the chance comes
C                        Em
It's inevitable cause wherever I go

D      G      D      C
I hear echoes of a thousand screams
Am    G      D
As I lay me down to sleep
            G         D      C       G
There's a black hole deep inside of me
  Am       G D
Reminding me,
                G   D  C
That I lost my backbone
              Am   G   D
Somewhere in Stockholm
           G    D  C
I lost my backbone,
G             Am   G  D
Somewhere in Stockholm

I'm from a place where
we never openly show our emotions
We drown our sorrows in bottomless bottles
And leave them to float in the ocean
I'm from a place where we never
Separate people from people
Some generalise, but in general I
Still believe that we are treated as equals
My father, my mother, my sister, my brother
My friends and my family's there
My hope and my money, my innocence in a sense
Almost lost everything here
Right where I was founded
Is right where I'll be found dead
The streets of my backbone, until I get back home


I'm not alone, I am the fire that burns
Not of the city but out of the 'burbs
A river that's just dying of thirst
I am a reverend lying in church
A crack in the pattern, a miracle waiting to happen
A promise that never was kept
One of those moments you'll never forget
I am that feeling inside
The one we all know but can't really describe
I am the blood spill, but I'm in love still
Somewhere in Stockholm
But I'm not alone
Don't have to get by on my own
I'm finally home
Hemma i Stockholm
Där jag hör hemma




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