Bon Jovi - The Hardest Part Is The Night: chords

       Bm             G           A  Bm
In the heat of the street of the city
   G         A            Bm
A young boy hides the pain
       Bm        G               A     Bm
And he walks so tall, trying to hang on
F#m      G               A    Bm
But he knows he's going down again
F#m  G              A
I  know he's going down

Darkness fades he's the prince of his city
In a place where they all know your name
You can see in their eyes life so paralyzed
You're just a pawn in a losing game
You lose at life it ain't no game

            Bm                 G
Hear their cries (Hear their cries)
     A       Bm
The hardest part is the night
         G                  A           Bm
(In the night, hear their cries, in the night)
       Bm          G
Stay alive (Stay alive)
     A       Bm
The hardest part is the night
         G             A
(In the night, in the night)

All alone in a place where the lonely
They all have to walk through the rain
And they dance on the edge where you only
Only pray that it has to end
That the night ain't no friend

Chorus - x2

These four walls they could tell you some stories
About lying and dying and fame
There's a price that you pay for the glory
About losing and choosing and pain

Chorus - x2



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