Bon Jovi - All I Want Is Everything: chords

Some 15 year old kid sits on his porch,
just half-past noon
Trying to figure out just what he's doing
Why he had to grow up so soon
With all the gangs,
all the guns-watcha gonna learn in school
There's got to be some way out of here
He says "man, this life is cruel"
I knew this puerto rican girl
who lied to change her life
She changed her name
Her face because the grass looked
greener on the other side
She turned her back, she ran away
straight into the night
Her friends, her family feel the pain,
but she's the one who cries

A#                G
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
I want everything

D                                  A#
I've had enough of having nothing, i won't take just anything
   G                            D
I got my mind set on something, all i want is everything
It's my life mr. - i ain't running, i'm no puppet on a string
I want more than i see coming
All i want is everything
All i want is everything

My next door neighbor donnie
Died in his room just the other day
His brother come home
Found him dead on the floor with
a needle in his vain
Cops come down with a body bag
They said donnie was a casually
I said, all it's about is the boy checked out
He couldn't handle reality

Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
I want everything




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