Black Sabbath - The Illusion Of Power: chords

What is it that turns you on to
the illusion of power
This thing that grabs you by the heart
and makes you want to tear things down
There is no reason why I should need
all this power, but if you cross me now
I'm gonna tear your whole world down

G#m                  B A#
The illusion of power,
             A G#m
things I feel,
seem so real
G#m                  B A# A G#m
The illusion of power

I can' get the emotional thing straight in my head
Everything I love dies to soon, or is already dead
Don't stand too close I spit and breath fire
Anything I've got now you cannot desire

You want to be my friend I promise you nothing
Nothing I can give you, nothing I can do for you
I'm being chased by the sins of my past
and it's killing me now
Killing me now

The illusion of power,
things I feel, seem so real
The illusion of power
The illusion of power,
it's already set signed and sealed
The illusion of power

Powerful who are you fooling?
You're caught in a complex
cataclysm of your own inadequacies
And pitiful weaknesses
Your souls secretes insecurity
So you live on the reflection side of the mirror
You're terrified of true power you fear me
I can tell you stories of my
Shaded past and I can
Drag you down into the
Depths of my soul


Why don't you come closer,
Promise a story I will tell, yeah
I'll save you from your dreams, yeah
I'll save you from your dreams



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