Billy Idol - Love Unchained: chords

A                      D        A
They say all life will end one day
A                              D    A
And friends, yeah, forget and die away
      A             F#m     D        A
Well, if fate is cruel and dims the light
     A           F#m        D           A
Our love c'mon, yeah, shine on for all right
     E              D     E        D
But, oh, if you're lonely and so blue
      E           D
It's here inside saying

 A       D
Man for woman
           E          D
Love's unchained, ah yeah
 A       D
Man for woman
It's insane, well

Times, precious times, I've lost what I was looking for
And I can see it's true, a change had to come
Well, baby, I was lonely, ah yeah, so blue
Looking at you and you're wanting me

Man for woman
Love's unchained
C'mon, walk with me, baby
Man for woman
It's insane, it's insane
Love's unchained, baby
Aw yeah, love's unchained

Well, I want to greet you
Believe me, I wanna touch too, ah yeah
Oh, yeah Ooow!
Man without woman
It's a lost, lonely time
For love it can be broken
Yes, and love made unkind
It's right here
If you're lonely, c'mon, baby
Yes, and so blue
It's right here
C'mon, and it's wanting you
Say yeah
Make love with me, baby

Man for woman
Love's unchained, ah yeah, c'mon
I said, love still the outlaw
Yeah, c'mon, baby
I said, c'mon
I was lost without a woman
But you can see me
And I'm found
Never in vain
There's no shame
I cast no blame, c'mon
Love's unchained
Yes, mama

Make love to me, baby
Make love to me, baby



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