Beach House - Beyond Love: chords

B           E
Beyond love
E                                  F#      F#7/E
The first thing that I do before I get into your house
           B                                E
I'm gonna tear off all the petals from the rose
                C#m B F#
that's in your mouth

Beyond love
You wanted to find Elvis and I didn't understand
They take the simple things inside you
And put nightmares in your hands

Beyond love
This man comes to me
Heartbreak did this
He was made to believe

That he should live without it
All I know's what I see
No change in this
Visions born in the dreams

      B                   E
Of a world left without it

E                F#  F#7/E
We really wanna know
B               E
We really do agree
C#m             B  F#
We really do agree
B                 E
We really wanna know

The last thing that she sees before
they turn off all the lights
Was there, a man up in the corner
with the spiders made of light
We really wanna know

Beyond love
All I know is what I see and
I can't live without this
Could you ever believe beyond love?

I really wanna know
I really wanna know



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